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中国法院如何处理涉及陷入困境的房地产开发商的案件会影响外国投资者对整个中国市场的信心。最高人民法院近日重点介绍了涉及一家房地产开发商的系列案件的执行工作。这些案件透出的迹象说明了中国法院被寄予期望,效仿这些案件的执行方式,以取得“很好的政治效果、社会效果和法律效果”。Read more

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How courts in China handle cases involving struggling real estate developers will affect foreign investors’ confidence in the entire Chinese market. The Supreme People’s Court recently highlighted the enforcement of a series of cases involving a real estate developer. These cases provide indications illuminating how courts in China are expected to follow suit to achieve “good political, social, and legal effects”.Read more

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民营企业与中国国有企业或政府机关打官司是否有机会胜诉?中国最高人民法院显然是尝试增强人们对中国市场的信心,故通过公布两起案例以表示该问题的答案是肯定的。这两个案例所体现的对民营企业的积极对待是否会成为一种常态?Read more

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Is there any chance for a private enterprise to win a lawsuit against a state-owned enterprise or a government agency in China? In an apparent attempt to boost confidence in the Chinese market, the Supreme People’s Court of China has signaled an affirmative answer to this question by releasing two court cases. Will the positive treatment of private enterprises, as demonstrated in these two cases, become a norm?Read more

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美国总统拜登最近与中国国家主席习近平的会晤缓和了两国之间日益紧张的局势,让人感到棘手的台湾问题在不久的将来不太可能引发冲突。这一发展符合台湾民众的主流立场。在1994年至2022年进行的调查中,大多数受访者表示希望看到台湾“维持现状再决定”或“永远维持现状”。这向北京领导人发出了什么信号?在此过渡期间可以做什么?Read more

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U.S. President Joe Biden’s recent meeting with Chinese President XI Jinping has eased the growing tension between the two countries, giving rise to hope that the difficult Taiwan issue will be unlikely to trigger conflict in the near future. This development is in line with the mainstream stance taken by people in Taiwan. The majority of respondents to surveys conducted from 1994 to 2022 have expressed their wish to see Taiwan (a) maintain the status quo and then decide the future at a later date; or (b) maintain the status quo indefinitely. What does this signal to leaders in Beijing? What can be done in the interim?Read more

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China released 15 Typical Cases collectively identified as the Typical Cases of Environmental Resource Adjudication of People’s Courts in 2021. You’re welcome to share/read insights that are not apparent from the simple reading of these Typical Cases.

中国发布了《2021年度人民法院环境资源审判典型案例》,共计15个。欢迎分享/阅读从这些典型案例的简单阅读中看不到的见解。Read more

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China’s release of a Typical Case showcasing how courts in Shanghai recognized and enforced a foreign arbitral award by a special reading of the factual situation involved may help instill more confidence in foreign parties amid China’s efforts to revive its economy. How was this breakthrough ruling made? What are the implications of the ruling?Read more

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In early 2022 (a special year that marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of China–South Korea diplomatic relations), China released a Typical Case to highlight the country’s recognition and enforcement of a South Korean judgment. Why now? What messages does this send to courts inside and outside China?Read more

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Apart from China’s Guiding Cases, legal practitioners, business executives, and other stakeholders must not forget about Typical Cases, another category of representative cases that the Supreme People’s Court of China can release to guide Chinese courts’ adjudication. What are Typical Cases? Why are they significant?Read more