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早在人工智能聊天机器人出现之前,中国就优先发展人工智能,促使开创性立法的颁布,推动外商投资。运用类似的长期规划技巧,中国多年前就开始重振古丝绸之路东端西安的辉煌。采取的举措包括提高了该市解决法律纠纷的能力,以处理“一带一路”倡议所引起的法律纠纷。西安最近举办了中国–中亚峰会,这标志着该市有潜力再次促进该地区的经济发展。这些成就是相当了不起的。中国是如何走到这一步的,并且这可能会通向何方?Read more

Images: Peter Griffin, Bullet Train, &
Victoria Borodinova, Bedouin, Desert, Caravan, Camels,

Long before the emergence of AI chatbots, China had already prioritized the development of AI, resulting in the promulgation of pioneering legislation to boost foreign investment. Applying similar long-term planning skills, China began years ago to revive the glory of Xi’an, the eastern terminus of the ancient Silk Road, by enhancing the city’s capacity to resolve legal disputes arising from China’s current Belt and Road Initiative. Xi’an’s recent hosting of the China–Central Asia Summit has signaled the city’s potential to facilitate again the economic development in this region. These achievements are quite remarkable. How did China get here and where will this likely lead to? Read more

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2023年3月,百度推出文心一言,冀与ChatGPT和同类型的人工智能产品争夺市场份额。文心一言等人工智能产业可以在中国走得多远,与相关的中国政策和法律规定息息相关。广州、深圳、上海率先根据国家政策制定地方性法规,以各自特别的方式发展人工智能产业。外资进入中国人工智能市场应该选择哪个城市?Read more

Image: Gerd Altmann, The Age Of AI Has Begun,

To compete with ChatGPT and similar AI products for market share, Baidu launched ERNIE Bot in March 2023. How far ERNIE Bot and other AI industries will be able to develop in China depends on Chinese policies and legislation on AI. Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai have taken the lead to formulate their local regulations in accordance with China’s national policies and have been developing AI industries in their own special ways. Which city should foreign investors choose to enter China’s AI market?Read more


The Regulation of Shanghai Municipality on Promoting the Development of Artificial Intelligence Industries regulates a wide range of activities related to artificial intelligence. This broad coverage and the incentive measures will likely attract more foreign capital and talent to Shanghai.

《上海市促进人工智能产业发展条例》规范了很多与人工智能相关的活动。这种广泛的覆盖面和所有激励措施,可能会吸引更多的外国资本和人才到上海。Read more

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Following the release of an ambitious Metaverse action plan, Shanghai took the lead to pass a regulation on the promotion of the city’s artificial intelligence industries. Will the regulation, together with China’s foreign investment catalogue, drive more capital and talent to this prominent Chinese city?Read more

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Since late 2021, China has been pushing the development of the Metaverse and expressing its keen interest in joining the Digital Economy Partnership Agreement, which was signed by Chile, New Zealand, and Singapore in June 2020. These efforts and their latest developments, together with President XI Jinping’s current visit to Central Asia, help show China’s strategic preparations for the future.Read more

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A wave of Metaverse heat has been spreading across China. Governments in many cities in China have rolled out their action plans to push the development of the Metaverse. What actions have technological companies in China taken to seize these opportunities? How can foreign parties ride this Metaverse heat wave to optimize their gains in China?

一波元宇宙热浪正在中国蔓延开来。中国很多城市的政府都推出了推动元宇宙发展的行动计划。中国的科技公司采取了哪些行动来抓住这些机遇?外方可以如何乘着这热浪增加其在中国的收益?Read more

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China’s release of a Typical Case showcasing how courts in Shanghai recognized and enforced a foreign arbitral award by a special reading of the factual situation involved may help instill more confidence in foreign parties amid China’s efforts to revive its economy. How was this breakthrough ruling made? What are the implications of the ruling?Read more

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Justice delayed is justice denied. The prompt delivery of judgments is particularly important in cases involving infringement of intellectual property rights, where holders of these rights need to minimize their losses by stopping the infringement swiftly. China does offer a solution. How does it work? Read more