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The China National Intellectual Property Administration rendered its first two “administrative rulings” to resolve two “patent infringement disputes that have significant impact across the country”. From a patentee’s point of view, what are the pros and cons of using this avenue, instead of litigation, to protect one’s patent?

中国国家知识产权局作出其首批两个“行政裁决”,以解决两起“在全国有重大影响的专利侵权纠纷”。从专利权人的角度来看,使用这种途径而不是诉讼来保护专利有哪些利弊?Read more

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Justice delayed is justice denied. The prompt delivery of judgments is particularly important in cases involving infringement of intellectual property rights, where holders of these rights need to minimize their losses by stopping the infringement swiftly. China does offer a solution. How does it work? Read more