Image: Kai Stachowiak, Block Chain,

在中国和其他三个司法管辖区近日宣布成功测试其区块链驱动的mBridge(“货币桥”)平台之后,国际上争相建立一个平台让许多国家能使用其中央银行数字货币(“央行数字货币”)来安全、高效、廉价地结算跨境交易的情况已经引起了更多关注。中国对货币桥的期望是什么?货币桥的成功是否会促使包括美国在内的其他国家认真考虑自己的央行数字货币计划?Read more

Image: Kai Stachowiak, Block Chain,

The race to have a platform through which many countries can use their central bank digital currencies (“CBDCs”) to safely, efficiently, and inexpensively settle cross-border deals has drawn even more attention after China and three other jurisdictions recently announced their success in testing their blockchain-powered platform, mBridge. What are China’s expectations for mBridge? Will the success of mBridge drive other countries, including the United States, to seriously consider their own CBDC plans?Read more

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Following the successful implementation of mBridge, what are the next steps for this pilot project’s development? What useful experiences (e.g., in testing the domestic use of its digital currency, providing related mobile payment services, and setting legal standards) can China share with other countries?

在试行成功之后,货币桥下一步的发展是什么?中国可以与其他国家分享哪些有用的经验(例如,在测试其数字货币的国内使用、提供相关的移动支付服务、制定法律标准等方面)?Read more